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Louet Gems Sport

Weight: Sport
Yardage: 225
Grams: 100
Composition: 100% Superwash Merino

Gems is a worsted spun yarn. 22 micron fibers. Machine wash & dry. You’ll love it!

What makes worsted spun different? All fibers combed. Short fibers removed. Remaining fibers aligned & spun. Yum. 
Gems yarns use only merino fibers with a 90mm (3.6”) minimum staple length.

NO Prickle Longer fibers mean no pesky ends sticking out to scratch you. Perfect for baby & items worn next to skin.

Pill-resistant & Hard Wearing Longer fibers stay spun and last, fewer pills. Great for frequently worn & heirloom items.

Amazing Stitch Definition Smooth yarn results in delicious, well-defined stitches. Amazing for cables and ribbing on sweaters.