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Knit Nights

Knit Night is a great opportunity to come together with your yarny community! Bring your easiest Frostburg Fiber Depot project, your favorite beverage, and your friendliest smile! Your friends are waiting.


  • Knit Night is not a great time to get help on a project. (We can always help with a dropped stitch or a quick question, but for the big stuff, make an appointment for a private lesson.)
  • This is a community event meant to promote the Frostburg Fiber Depot. Please be respectful of this space by doing your best to lift up our small business by committing to knit with yarn purchased on premises while in attendance.
  • Our "last call" will be at 7:45 for beverages. At 8:00 we'll be ready and available to ring up any purchases you'd like to make.
  • We don't recommend drinking and knitting. ;) Although if you do make an error, there is a whole collection of people to commiserate with!

If you would like to attend virtually, please follow this link to connect with us on zoom!

Knit Nights